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Herbs, Salts, Incense small jars

Herbs, Salts, Incense small jars

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Treated with crystals and sound frequencies to raise the vibration. Select option. 

Moonlight Herbs, Salts and Resins
Information Sheet.
(Always do your research!)

Please note that none of our herbs, salts or resins are sold as food, treatments or medicines. We understand that these products will be used in spell work and at the discretion of the consumer.

This information is provided for research purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. For medical issues we advise you to consult your physician.

MugwortAids in astral projection. Amplifies, psychic vision and induces vivid and lucid dreams. Encourages wisdom and observation. Helps with confronting difficult truths. Can be used for protection in the home. Can boost energy, calm nerves. Can help promote regular periods, and ease cramps. Can also be used as a diuretic and has been said to deter moths.
consume Mugwort when pregnant.


Rose Petals Resonates strongly with the energy of love and affection. Powerful healing energy.. Used regularly in self love spells and rituals. Can be used for emotional balance, to boost sexuality and for raising vibrations. Good for boosting confidence. Can be used as an anti inflammatory and helps with skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema etc..


Comfrey - A great healing herb that has a long history in treating breaks, sprains, general wounds and reducing inflammation. This herb is known for it’s power in helping to overcome difficulties. It is also associated with enhancing fertility and aiding in conception as well as protection on travels and to help avoid loss or theft of belongings. Do not apply to broken skin and do not use comfrey if you have liver problems.


Oak BarkGood for fighting infection (colds, bronchitis, sore throats, diarrhoea)Strong anti inflammatory and antioxidant. Strong protective and grounding energy. Can strengthen endurance and intention in spell work. Helps with fertility and strength. Can be used to remove negativity and misfortune. Brings fortune and good luck. An array of uses and holds deep meaning. As above so below…


Lavender – Extremely soothing and calming sedative and relaxant. Can help with insomnia, stress and mental health issues. Assists in calming an over active mind and balances emotions. Aids with intuition, imagination, visualisation and concentration. Good for clearing and cleansing. Helps with headaches, bruises, sunburn and respiratory ailments.


Rasberry Leaf – Aids with women's reproductive organs in multiple ways. Helps muscles and relieves pain in childbirth, eases menstrual cramps and aids with fertility. Can also help with hormonal imbalances and mood issues. Soothes irritated lungs and throat and helps with respiratory issues. A good alternative to tobacco. Has a calming effect. Aids with sleep and is a strong healing and protective herb.


Marshmallow Leaf – Very good for the lungs. Helps ease coughs, clears the lungs and has anti inflammatory properties. Also eases digestive issues. Offers protection and resonates with the enrgy of love. Can be used as a cleansing herb in the home and provides protective energies. Can enhance intuition and psychic abilities. Has a calming effect. Can also be used to enhance love, fertility and sexual energy.


Marigold Flowers - Great for skin conditions. Antiseptic and wound healing properties. Helps with headaches, toothaches, swelling Relieves stomach ache, ulcers, menstrual cramps and nausea. Can help with yeast and fungal infections. Also has relaxant properties and can aid with sleep. Attracts respect and admiration, aids in legal matters. Promotes a positive and sunny outlook.


Lemon Verbena - Used for treating colds, fever, anxiety, indigestion, gas colic, diarrhea and constipation. Can also be used to help with symptoms of menopause. Irregular periods and can aid in milk flow when breastfeeding. Helps break bad habits and addiction.s. Also good for cleansing space and clearing negativity. Aids with nightmares and can hold back strong dreams. Challenges the status quo.


Nettle – Good for allergies, asthma and sore muscles and aching joints. Strong anti inflammatory. Helps with arthritis. Soothes sunburn. Aids in detoxification of the liver. Avoid if pregnant or diabetic. A mothering herb that can help revive tired and weary souls. Good for teaching and setting boundaries. Removes stagnation and helps with clearing and reconnecting. Grounding and protecting energies. Very nutritious - makes good soup!

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Care Instructions

Do not get your jewellery wet. Certain crystals do not react well with water. Repeated exposure to water can result in cracking.

Do not exerise or play sports in your jewellery. Avoid spraying perfume directly onto jewellery.

Keep jewellery in box when not wearing.

If you feel your jewellery has dulled/lost potency then take note of the moon phase. 3 days before a full moon leave the jewellery submerged in salt over night and then take it out to charge under the full moon. (Please note you can also charge crystals under the new moon, waxing or waning as you see fit for your needs.)

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