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  • Saara, full written reading 1

    Jenny is absolutely amazing. Her readings always resonate so deeply. I got this reading as a birthday gift to myself and she actually sent it to me on the day, I just thought that was so thoughtful. What I especially love about Jenny's readings is that first, she tells you with almost eerie accuracy something that's been going on, and then gives good advice on what to do about it, all this with warmth and honesty and love. Can't recommend her readings enough!

  • Shakira 30 minute live video chat

    Probably the best reading I've ever had! Really resonated with me and will absolutely be back for more - and will be singing your praises to anyone who will listen! 💕

  • Arissa, full written reading 1

    She is a gifted reader and did a wonderful job! Very communicative and provided an insightful and detailed reading with great advice. I wasn't sure exactly which questions to ask, so I requested a general reading asking for advice what to put my energy into regarding a couple life situations and gave her a lot of info, including my zodiac signs. She pulled cards from various tarot and oracle decks and provided pictures of the reading along with a thorough written overview of the reading. Her synopsis was very easy to follow. I didn't tell her I identify with a specific court card, but nonetheless, it popped up in the reading as a signifier, along with an accompaniment court card I also often see, as if to tell me that I should heed the advice given.