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Hekate's Keys

Hekate's Keys

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Hekate's Keys

Goddess of the night, Queen of the moon, Goddess of Witches, Queen of the darkness

Hear me, hear me, hear me...

On our journey we can be called to work with certain deities.

The Goddess Hekate is one of the oldest - in Greek mythology the other Gods referred to her as the old one and she lived apart from them.

She is best known for being the Goddess of Magic and Spells and works both light and dark. Maintaining her balance she can journey easily into the underworld.

Her symbols are keys, cross roads, wheels, torches, snakes, black dogs and black birds among other things. She also likes numbers 3, 7 and 13. (Hence our prices.)

If you have seen or start to notice any of these signs and symbols it could be that she is calling you to work with her.

These keys are all antiques and have opened and closed their locks long ago.

They have all been cleansed, blessed and then activated in deep ritual for 3 days and 3 nights, imbued with Hekate's energy and the power of the moon. Making these keys a powerful addition for your craft.

Wearing one of the keys will bring you into closer alignment with Hekate.

Or perhaps you wish to place it on your alter as an offering for her.

Use them as you see fit and remember - intention is everything.

Who knows what you might unlock…

If you wish to place the key on your alter, or you want it for magical fun, then let us know and we’ll wrap it up safe - your work here is done.

If you wish to wear your key please choose from the ribbon, the leather chord or the  twine. Let us know your choice through the contact form and we'll send your new necklace on in good time. 

If you see us in person we ask you to choose your own key. If you order online please let us know if your intuition is telling you small, medium or large. Or if your intuition is happy for us to select any size let us know too.

Enjoy the magic!

Energy Exchange:

One key : £7.00

Two Keys: £13.00 
(Enter Code 2KEYS at checkout)

Three Keys: £19.37
(Enter Code 3KEYS at checkout)

If you want more than 3 keys please message us so we can create a custom sale for you. 

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Care Instructions

Do not get your jewellery wet. Certain crystals do not react well with water. Repeated exposure to water can result in cracking.

Do not exerise or play sports in your jewellery. Avoid spraying perfume directly onto jewellery.

Keep jewellery in box when not wearing.

If you feel your jewellery has dulled/lost potency then take note of the moon phase. 3 days before a full moon leave the jewellery submerged in salt over night and then take it out to charge under the full moon. (Please note you can also charge crystals under the new moon, waxing or waning as you see fit for your needs.)

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