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10 Week Tarot Course - Online via zoom - starting 24/4/24

10 Week Tarot Course - Online via zoom - starting 24/4/24

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10 Weeks Tarot Course | Tarot Reading course, Learn to Read Tarot Cards

Tarot is the journey of life and is a constant learning tool that will assist you in everything that you do.

It has been integral to my journey as a modern day mystic, reader and healer. The tarot can teach us the deepest secrets of the universe and is a fantastic tool for anybody and everybody taking part in this journey that we call life. Cards in general hold so much knowledge and in my opinion this knowledge should be shared far and wide. I have been guided by the universe to begin sharing this knowledge and so I thought I would start where I started - with the Tarot. 

Throughout the 10 week course I will teach you how to get in tune with your deck, connecting with your guides, cleansing and caring for your deck. We will explore the whole deck together as I guide you through the meanings and connections between cards. 

There will be lecture style learning and also break out rooms where you will practice reading for each other. I will also provide weekly worksheets. These will be sent in a full workbook at the end of the course should you prefer to have it as one document. 

At the end of the 10 weeks you will have learned the meaning behind each card and will be experienced in reading for yourself and reading for others. You will receive a certificate confirming you have completed the 10 week Moonlight Tarot Training course. This can be emailed to you or posted for an additional fee. Your intuition will be heightened and your awareness deepened. More so you will be filled with the knowledge that the cards hold and be confident in taking the next steps through your journey. 

This course will begin on Wednesday 24th April 2024, 7pm - 9pm UK time. Each session will last for roughly 2 hours and will run for 10 weeks with the final session on Wednesday 26th June. 

Week 1: An intro to tarot and the secrets/understandings that it contains - the interconnectedness of all things. A brief history and an introduction to the basics of a traditional Rider Waite deck and the major and minor arcana. Intro to spreads and ways of reading the cards. In the first week we will also cover caring for, cleansing and connecting with your deck. 

Week 2:  Learning the cards: The major arcana part 1. The Fool through to Justice 

Week 3: Learning the cards: The major arcana part 2. The Hanged Man through to The World. 

Week 4: Taking on the minor arcana: Suits and numbers. Elements and numerology.  

Week 5: Earth and air. 

Week 6: Fire and water. 

Week 7: The tricky court cards. 

Week 8: Using intuition and creating spreads. 3 card, celtic cross, 5 card style reading. 

Week 9: Reading for other people and more Intuition. Handling 'positive' and 'negative' cards. Developing your reading style. 

Week 10: Charging, building, growing a business. Embarking on the next stages of being a fully fledged in depth tarot reader. 
(Suitable for beginners and intermediate readers, and anyone else who is interested in tarot.)

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