Hello!! First Blog Post for 1st May! :)

Hello!! First Blog Post for 1st May! :)

Hi Guys and Happy 1st May to you all! May Day here in the UK and Beltane too!


(Depending on your lunar figurings, but I’m sure we can get into that at a later date. I’m writing this on 20th April so technically still Beltane. (OK, I’ll get into it now – Beltane was traditionally the 2nd New Moon after the Equinox. If you’re being specific about it. Every day is a learning day! But 1st May is as good a day as any for me so happy Beltane! Nothing ever got hurt from being celebrated twice did it?! )

Funny how I start going off tangent even in written text!


SO…. Here is my first blog post for Moonlight Shop 1111. Thank you so much for all of your love and support so far. I’ve just come out of a period of illness and starting to feel on top of the world again so this is as good a time as any to start a bi-monthly blog. This blog post also comes as I navigate the back of end of some huge energetic shifts in my life. If you are a follower of mine on tiktok, instagram, youtube or patreon you will probably have noticed I’ve been a bit quiet on the socials front. Sorry about that! I am now returned with renewed gusto as we speak! Thank you so much to all my followers, you really mean the world to me. Also, thank you for subscribing to this email. It can be hard keeping on top of a full time social media campaign, running a new business, setting up shop at events, reading tarot and trying to keep the house clean!

Well, Im managing and riding those waves. I always try to be as open, honest and transparent as I can – a perfectly cultivated online life just does not suit me! Ha!


As far as updates go I’m happy to announce that Moonlight Shop 1111 is now a fully fledged Limited Company. (Woo!) Super excited over here at Moonlight Towers to see where this will take us next. We’ve also got quite a few events booked in for the Summer. Current line up incudes:

Saturday 22nd April – Wakefield (Actually this has been and gone now but it was just wonderful to attend. Many beautiful people and an annointment with Magdalene Rose Oil! )

4th-9th – We Are Medicine Festival

1st June – York Pride

24th June – Todmorden Country Fair

1st July – Kippax festival

21st - 23rd July – Burning Woman Festival

30th July – Lightcliffe – Yorkshire Mind Body and Soul Summer Fair.


On a spiritual level my most recent experience has been getting annointed with Magdalene Rose oil. I am currently on day 7 of 21 days of annointing and I think it’s going really well. As ever there is clearing and growing but I can really notice the vibrational difference in my day to day. I’m looking forward to bringing it into my reiki practice too.


For those who have enquired I am now offering in person and distance reiki so feel free to get in touch through the website to arrange a booking. I am also working on tarot classes to make available through my Patreon as well.


Anyway, that’s all from me over here at this stage. Basically a big old thank you and love you and watch this space!

Light and Blessings!




P.S. As ever, please do think about giving me a follow on Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook if you like so you can tune into my regular free readings. No pressure though as I understand how suffocating social media can get! If I resonate strongly with you on those platforms you might want to think about joining my Patreon collective. Through this medium you will receive exclusive weekly content and will automatically be entered to win a free reading – drawn eery 2 months.

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